Income Roadmap™

Northern Oak

Our Income Roadmap™ suite is a set of investment strategies that capture income from three asset sleeves: equities, fixed income and alternative assets. The allocation is based on your investment objectives.

We tactically manage each sleeve and modify the weightings of each of the securities based on the market environment. We know your preferences also change over time, and we reflect those changes in a new allocation of each of the income sleeves.

Growth Roadmap


These allocations are used for guidance when choosing an Income Roadmap™. Please note a custom portfolio can be managed to create the best fit for your investment objectives.



20% Equity

80% Fixed Income


Growth & Income

35% Equity

50% Bonds

15% Alternative



50% Equity

20% Bonds

30% Alternative



Fixed Income

Our Fixed Income Portfolio provides a reliable stream of income while preserving capital. We have a broad diversification across market sectors, including the U.S. Treasury and Agency Debt, U.S. Corporate Debt, U.S. and international TIPs and more.

These portfolios maximize total return within client risk parameters, reducing overall volatility alongside equity portfolios and providing peace of mind for investors.