Growth Roadmap

Northern Oak

Our Growth Roadmap provides a possible path for investors seeking capital appreciation. Investors can take three routes within the Growth Roadmap: Equity Growth, Dividend Select Growth or our Bull and Bear alternative strategy.

Income Roadmap™ 


Equity Growth Portfolio

Gain access to many markets at a lower risk with our Equity Growth Portfolio. This portfolio follows a core/satellite investment strategy. We typically invest the core (60-80%) in exchange-traded funds covering broad sectors of the market.

We allocate the satellite portion to areas of the market believed to offer growth in excess of the general market expectations. These investments may include sector overweights and stock of individual companies.



Select Dividend Growth Portfolio

Our Select Dividend Growth Portfolio focuses on your individual portfolio. We complete investment research and screen financial indicators to narrow down thousands of stocks to a select group that fits our criteria. We then build your portfolio to fit your financial goals. We actively manage a portfolio primarily invested in common stocks of large, well-established companies with above-average earnings growth rates and dividend yields.

In addition, we use equity-oriented exchange-traded funds to provide market coverage in attractive segments of the world economy, including sectors where individual stock ownership is difficult. We expect equities and ETFs to represent the majority of assets over time with any residual being liquid, tactical cash.




Bull & Bear

Bull & Bear seeks to provide positive benchmark performance in all market environments and generates significant Alpha over market cycles.  The manager uses index positions and levered products on the S&P 500 sector/index basis to achieve returns.  The strategy employs a proprietary risk management methodology to identify when long or short positions should be applied based on model weightings.  The firm utilizes a number of fundamental and economic indicators to produce a market risk profile.