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Tips for Saving for Retirement

No matter your age, just about everyone can benefit from these retirement savings tips.

Myths of Financial Planning Debunked

There are a lot of misconceptions about financial planning. Consider the other side of these eight common myths.

Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA

IRAs are the DIY option of retirement planning—and, just like DIY projects, they offer you choices that, at times, can seem a little daunting. How to choose which is best for your financial plan? Comparing your two main options is a good place to start.

Dealing with a Retirement Income Shortfall

Workers have their entire career to save for retirement, but that doesn’t mean everyone takes advantage when time is on their side. What do you do if you’re facing a looming retirement with inadequate funds in your account? This is a surprisingly common issue for a number of reasons: many workers don’t feel that they have the time, knowledge or extra cash for retirement savings, and many think they can rely on Social Security or other sources of fixed income when the time comes.

Retirement Savings: How Much is Enough?

Do you know your retirement number? Consider the factors that go into estimating your retirement savings goal and decide how much you’ll need to live your retirement dream.