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Investing for the Long Haul

Investing for the long haul is a passive investment strategy: investors buy stocks and hold them for a long period, regardless of short-term market fluctuations

Investing During Volatile Markets

Understanding the stock market’s unpredictable tendencies is a challenge during the best of times. But what happens when price swings grow abnormally large? It is essential for investors to understand how market volatility affects them and their investments.

Asset Allocation

If you’re like most investors, you have different types of assets. Because one type of asset behaves differently from another in terms of risk and return, it’s important to strategically plan what portion of your investment portfolio you’ll dedicate to each type of asset.

Risk & Return

You may be wondering how money is made on the market. Without knowing when and why decisions are made, investing can seem like a highstakes roll of the dice—especially after the 2008 financial crisis. But investing is not gambling, and understanding the concept of risk and return will help you make better sense of what truly influences your investments.

Basic Ratios in Stock Evaluation

How do investors determine which company shares to buy? Two businesses might be as comparable as apples and oranges, so how can a person determine the true value of owning a share in the company?

Year-End Financial Checklist

As we near the end of the year, it’s time to look back at what’s happened and how it will affect your financial future. Check off these important items so that you can start the new year’s finances with peace of mind.